Whatever happened to those lefties?

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The best response to the vulgar, bullying, spiteful left is to act quickly to encourage wealth creation with lower taxes, fewer regulations and smaller government.

We Conservatives need to reverse the political correctness of the last 20 years and take back our language, where climate changes every day and being gay once again means being happy and excited : cheerful and lively, where coming second is ok providing you do better next time, where loosing leads to learning, where education is training for future wealth creation and work, where the BBC was once something we had to pay for a licence to watch and listen to, where labour becomes as big as the Liberal Democrats are today, where non-violent prisoners have to work to pay for their keep, where immigrants are welcomed for their skills and knowledge based on their CV, where council houses are a thing of the past, where Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Governments become local regional councils like London, Lancashire and Northumberland, where the individual is encouraged to be strong so they can help those who are not, where profit is a sign of success, where Central Government is half the size of what it is today.

Once we have achieved the above, we can then ask whatever happened to those lefties?

Cyprus begins to attack corruption

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A good start by the President of Cyprus.


As in all things, corruption at lower levels takes the lead from those with the greatest power. This is a long journey, there is a lack of education for the general population with regards corruption and malpractice, how it destroys integrity, and when you loose that, you loose everything that is worthwhile.Promoting those who have high integrity and vision, dismissing those whose level of narcism knows no bounds helps.

But the moral maze addresses us all, most of all for those in positions of responsibility and power. Good governance in Government, Public Services and Business is essential and not fully promoted nor rewarded in Cyprus. Along with the President’s attempt to clear out some of the corrupt – there needs to be a promotion of good governance and business practice. Trade Unions, Political Parties, Business Owners, Company Directors and Senior Managers should be made to attend seminars, conferences and training on good governance practices – before being allowed to take up their positions of responsibility.

Why should we allow people the right to take up positions of responsibility if they will not sign on to probity in everything that they do? Being a good talker, or coming from the “right” family matters not – what counts is what you do and, as important, what you refuse to do in life. It is time to “licence our leaders” in our communities, businesses and public services – at the very least their attendance to and signing up for lessons and certification to good governance would allow us to hold them to their signature. Which is where integrity starts and ends.

Nobody should be allowed to take up a senior role in Government, the Public or Private Sector until they have completed a good governance course and signed to commit to honesty and probity in their work. In of itself it will guarantee nothing – but we will be able to hold them to what they say they believe in, which is not the case today. To all you Members of Parliament, Business Owners, Company Directors, Senior Managers, Public Sector Managers, Trade Union Leaders, Political Party Leaders and Committee Members and anyone who has a position of responsibility and power – let’s stop these corrupt practices that have for too long been associated with our Cyprus, which demeans our world reputation and integrity as a nation.

Put probity first – show you are not afraid to be open about your success. Organise for a commitment and certification to good governance practice – let’s be the first nation to do so, let us gain a new reputation, one for having a “licence to lead”.


Cyprus, turning the clock back to the future

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Living in Cyprus is wonderful, frustrating, annoying, interesting, gratifying and fulfilling. That is if you are an Expat and don’t mind the peculiar driving and parking habits, hotter than hell summer days and nights, moaning expats, lack of good governance, warm sea, cool mountains, fabulous food (not everywhere, but generally fab), passion for christenings, weddings, funerals and festivals, warm community spirit, cheap local produce and expensive imported produce.

Cyprus is a mix of a fading past and a fabulous place to live. People generally stick by the rules, unless they don’t like that particular rule.

It is broken by its loss of land to Turkey, but optimistic about getting it back one day. It has taken financial austerity on the chin, knowing that we were not entirely innocent in getting into this mess in the first place.

We love Greek, but are wary of Greeks, we are wary of Turks but we want to live with them again. We have the noisiest neighbours all around us that anyone has, but we are tolerant and would not want to live anywhere else. Our history has mostly been a pain and never forgotten, but our nature is good and our faith is strong.

Our banks are bust, but so are yours. Our economy is way too small even for our small island, and the Troika is making it smaller. We have some great businesses if you can find us. Our education system is below par, but the par is very low. We expect our young men to do military service, they do and are all the better for doing it.

Friendliness was invented here, I am learning it every day. My wife and I retired here in 2005, we burnt our British Bridges and enjoy every day. We do not speak Greek very well, but have no problems in communicating.

Cyprus has great beauty with craggy bits around most corners. The traditional coffee shops haven’t changed in generations, the newer branded ones are jumping with the youth and expensive coffee.

The People are our greatest asset, we could attract many more tourists if we stopped copying other sunshine holiday “resorts” and placed our youngsters at all ports of entry to welcome our tourists with a hearty welcome and a fond farewell, it would help our unacceptably high youth unemployment rate to decline, permanently – but getting that clock to turn is pretty hard to do.

And so we carry on, at the wrong end of the Med, a sunshine island where the sun shines all day for over 300 days per year.

So come to Cyprus – avoid January and February where the temperatures drop to near UK spring levels. Otherwise Spring lasts 3 months (March, April and May) and Autumn lasts 3 months (October, November and December), when the sun is warm and the climate fabulous – and you can expect a hot welcome in the Cyprus sun during June, July, August and September for those who like it well done.

But do come and visit our sunshine island, try and mix with the locals, we will be looking for you.

Politicians and Bankers are lost causes

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Bankers need certainty to operate, the world is not certain so let them be quiet. If an economy improves the currency get’s stronger, learn to live with it, instead of Bankers bleating on about the problems off having a strong currency. They don’t like strong or weak, indeed they don’t know what they like! When a currency strengthens – it is simply the market telling us to be even more competitive, to keep doing the things we are doing and more.

We give way too much attention to the very people (Bankers and Politicians) who failed to see the crash coming and indeed were one of the main reasons we saw our economies collapse.

We need no lectures from either of them, no matter how charming they sometimes appear. Bankers and Politicians have lost the right to be listened to. We need other individuals to come forward to create great businesses and politicians to be shamed into being shown how to be thrifty – by outsourcing government expenditure. The private sector are far more effecient than even the best governments can ever be.  In showing politicians how to spend taxpayers money (and sharing in the benefit of doing so) and Bankers how to create jobs – only then will the people be truly free.

Politicians and Bankers should be left to focus on counting money and regulations – they cannot be trusted to execute properly our path to prosperity.

Time for a new more dynamic Africa

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Africa was divided up according to the wishes of their Colonial masters rather than along tribal lines. This has added to their troubles where different tribes (similar to the Middle East) were forced into borders that made no sense to them.

The rush by African Nationalists to Independence was based on a combination of the White Man’s guilt and African Nationalism attitude that could not wait. Once the White Man realised that it was no longer right to control African countries, the speed at which they left contributed to later difficulties. For their part, Africans underestimated just how difficult it is to build a successful economy and maintain wealth amongst the population.

But powerful Africans felt that it was more important for them to gain control rather than to learn how to build an economy. Once in power, Africans found that looking after their own small group was much easier than installing the disciplines and systems amongst the masses. So, they took the easy route and began travelling the easy road. Corruption became easier than education, short term projects that looked good were preferred to long term hard work.

The White Man had brought a measure of discipline and better systems, but the inequality of their lives compared to the masses, was something that in the end done for their chances of staying in long term control. The White Man retreated from and in some cases abandoned, the good work that they had done in Africa. The expectation was that the African would build on what had been achieved and the White Man would be needed no more.

But ordinary Africans know better, they new that the White people that they had come into contact with and worked for were decent, hard working people. Sure there were some that were racist and some were just greedy, but the vast majority of Africans worked well and above all happily with their White bosses. When the White bosses left in a hurry, Africans were simply not ready to take on such immense responsibilities. Western politicians felt the need to pay for their “guilt” through aid programs, much of which were swallowed up by African power grabbers. Dependancy instead of independence was the theme of the Western Liberal elite and Left Wing do-gooders. The results have been stunted growth and gross miss-management of African economies.

The problem with Africa became both systemic and structural. What is required is for both Westerners and Africans to first be colour blind and secondly work with each other to build a new Africa. One that needs more skills than is available anywhere in Africa today. (China is building it’s own new empire in Africa, but that one that will end in tears when the commodities run low and the Chinese turn inward as they must do.)
A new African vision is needed, one that welcomes and embraces the best Western efficiencies and good governance, whilst ensuring that the Africans of whatever colour are cherished and respected. For example Afrikaners are as African as any of Mugabe’s clan.

History cannot be undone, apologies do not feed starving children and people. The left wing Global Warmest’s will have Africans kept in poverty rather than provide them with cheap electricity and clean water. You cannot improve the wealth of a population by depriving them of what it was that enriched Westerners and lately Asians. But the Warmest’s want all of us to feel guilty about burning the very carbons that brought us to prosperity.

Africans were left behind as the rest of the world pushed forward, aid was the solution of the left, which is exactly what Africa does not need.

Self-reliance, colour blindness, learning to get more out out the resources they already have, strong leadership with universal values to enrich their people. These are amongst the solutions that Africa needs.

If we truly care about Africa, Westerners and Africans  need to leave the past in the past and create a new dispensation. One based on a love of Africa and Africans of all colours. One based on a long term strategy, not short term largesse. One based on growth and efficiency, not that will do.

Africa is God’s own land, the laughter infectious, the friendliness unsurpassed and the possibilities fantastic. Western skills and efficiencies invited in to a new dispensation ca lead Africa out of 50 years of freedom without wealth. Let’s help Africa and Africans become truly independent and wealthy. It is not fairness that drives success, it is the results.

Best not to be in the “muddle”

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A moderate Republican and a moderate Democrat always meet in the muddle.

The State creates only chaos, just look at everything that it tries to manage. The best way to “help” individuals is to get out of their way. Individuals do not need power unless they are called politicians, what they need is the freedom to learn, to try and to succeed.

State education is a oxymoron. The Libs and the left have long highjacked academia, students are directed instead of letting their minds be free. Most do not need University, but politicians and unions know better, they love quotas, league tables, just as long as they get to say what is fair.

The MLK dynasty has been highjacked by those who want a meal ticket and free hand outs. Look at the speaker line ups, where was the Conservative voices – not invited!
Conservatives are colour blind, we believe in free markets, free speech and free choice.

Obama and the left want to control our lives, French Socialists have just announced that they will not raise taxes any further – since they take the majority of our earnings when they earn nothing – we are supposed to be grateful. Obama wants his version of the NHS, the hell sink that the NHS is, he holds up as an example of Government excellence.

Excellence is not about emotion, it is about being the best, Government’s don’t do excellence, they simply bribe their client voters with no regard to cost or logic, other than their own preservation.

Stay in the muddle if you want to, I like the right side, the side that his given me opportunity, experience, independence, a helping hand, an awareness of community and above all the courage to bounce back up when needed and to be humble in front of success. I am lucky, I have been able to avoid depending on Governments, I am now able to help others do the same.

Cyprus problems must stop increasing

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Cyprus politics is deeply divided on how best to get out of the financial mess that it is now in. It is unavoidable to have the former government party and the new government at loggerheads. The blame is so clearly on the previous administration, in it’s failure over the last 5 years to take action that could have at least mitigated the financial crisis. It is a bit like hoping that the Labour Party will admit it got it wrong in the UK. Or asking Obama to take some of the blame for the USA’s debt crisis – it will not happen. It is difficult to see a coalition of opposites, particularly when one party wants to do more of what got us into this mess in the first place, so a solution without peace breaking out is a must.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed this year will have to be respected in the short term as we had Hobson’s choice when the Friday Night Massacre was staged by Germany and others in mid-March. However, as most of us consider the terms and results of the MOU, if implemented in full, too onerous to swallow and not in the best long term interests of Cyprus. Therefore an alternative Plan B has to be developed that delivers the flexibility and prospect of growth in Cyprus for the long term. In my view this 5 year Parliament is already committed to the EU, Eurozone Membership and Troika Agreement.
It is neither proper nor right for us to simply walk away because we don’t like the German medicine, which is being forced on us because of our politician’s (and those who voted for them) past failures.
On the other hand as 2013 becomes 2014 and 2015, and we implement the Troika demands, our population and even our population will see the need for growth rather than just cuts or austerity if we use the policrats language.
By 2015, the cuts will put our economy in a much slimmer and appropriate state. However, by then it will be obvious that the MOU will not produce the growth that is also key to our success.
At that point the Government should reveal Plan B, to leave the eurozone. By then our slimmed down and lower cost public sector and proposed changes to our future tax and spend policies should be designed to attract international investors, most of the painful measures will have been implemented, (if we fail to implement then we can forget growth). This will also give Cyprus time to resolve the Cyprus problem with Turkey, with a new plebiscite and constitution for the next Parliament from 2017. The opposition will not agree to these major changes in the Cyprus infrastructure, so implementing them will be painful and we cannot rely on their support to do what is right rather than what is painless.

Cyprus made this financial mess, membership of the eurozone is making it worse, it is time we learnt to stand on our own two feet and solve our own problems. Investors like resolve, they like economic discipline, they like governments who solve major issues. They will invest in excellence and trust people who demonstrate they can do it.

Plan B – implement MOU, prepare for growth and solve the Cyprus problem with Turkey. This will lead to a better tomorrow, created by Cyprus for Cyprus.

We have tried and failed under many regimes over the centuries, let’s try independence, a public sector that is efficient and affordable, making friends even with our noisy neighbours, becoming a hub of the new Near East, attracting investors and becoming a source of strength and achievement.
We can do it best ourselves, the additional pain inflicted on Cyprus – for once, must be worth the sacrifice. The future is bright, let’s not waste a moment.

EU takes legal action to stop the UK from doing what it prefers to do.

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The European Commission’s decision to trigger legal action against the UK for restricting access to benefits for some foreign nationals is the last straw. The Eurocrats are demanding that the UK does not “discriminate” against other EU Nationals in preference for their own citizens when it comes to welfare payments. Now everybody knows that the UK is suffocating under the heavy blanket that is today’s Welfare State. With Romania and Bulgarian citizens being able to move freely to the UK from next January and the fact that the UK’s Welfare System is many times more generous than Rumania or Bulgaria – guess what is about to happen? Yes, thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians will simply get themselves over to the “social honeypot” that is today’s UK Welfare State. In an attempt to stem the flood of taxpayers money to the increasingly more needy people – the UK Government is trying to contain the already unaffordable Welfare State system.

The EU, likes to ignore the sovereign needs of member states, preferring to take the position of authority over it’s EU “fairness” agenda.

Well, isn’t it time to put this to the test rather than waste time on a court that does not align itself with the UK citizen’s needs but rather fights for the non-existent EU citizen.

The UK should say now that they are simply not going to abide by the EU Court Ruling, nor are they going to pay the fine, that we all know will follow. This will almost certainly take a couple of years of threats and intimidation.

This should coincide with the time when the UK is due to have a referendum on their future EU membership. The EU will, of course, back off – as soon as they see the colour of the Brits eyes, they will be shown for what they really are – a toothless and corrupt gang of elite political Eurocrats, terrified of democracy.

The UK will then vote to leave the Union. Meanwhile the years of delay will save them a fortune on welfare and legal costs that they will avoid.

Because…….Nigel was right.

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The rise of UKIP in the UK, is simply a reaction to politically correct and corrupt politicians over many years. Most politicians and academics felt the need to drive voters to the left, even after the Berlin Wall showed just what a failure left-wing politics has been, they came flooding back in increasing numbers as many Conservatives became ashamed of profit and the creation of wealth. 

The welfare state became less affordable as political “fairness” replaced common sense. Government was put forward as a solution instead of the problem that it increasingly was. Despite Thatcher and Reagan along came Kinnock, Smith, Clinton,Major, Blair, Brown, Obama and Dave, with their fairness agendas. The media and elite liberals underwrote this liberal agenda.

Children could never be losers, teachers could never be wrong, nurses were always angels, ambulance, fire and police workers became members of the “front line”, the Queen’s Honours list underpinned the liberal elite’s hold on the steering wheel of power.

Along came a lad who smokes and drinks and even swears, no not Billy Connolly – Just Nigel.

He never went away, he said the eurozone would fail even as Heseltine took to the stage with Blair, he said the EU would not be good for Europe even as Brussels argued with Maggie.

That is why the UK Conservative Party will dump Dave

– because Nigel was right.

Merkel’s easy political philosophy gains traction

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Merkel has shown politicians a new way of raising funds – she knows that general taxation is too blunt an instrument, too many struggling voters to contend with. So she came up with – “confiscate the assets of the well off” – those not well off will cheer politicians to the rafters and governments get their cash – not to pay of debt, no that can wait – just to keep the euro and play for time so they can get elected, again.

So instead of raising taxes and cutting spending to reduce debt like they used to – watch out as they come after those who have nasty things like second homes, large homes, bought homes, second cars, over €100,000 in their bank accounts, shares, investments, private pensions – easy meat for politicians who most of all will not do what is right rather what they can best get away with.

Now where could the world’s rich find a small island paradise, with low taxes, loads of sunshine, low unemployment, a gateway to a huge Near East Market and a high GDP?

Cyprus – in your heart and outside the euro?